My book

Why don’t we know more about miscarriage? 

Why are we told miscarriage can’t be prevented when half of all miscarriages are of perfectly healthy embryos?

Why is it normal not to tell anyone you’re pregnant for the first three months? 

Why is an experience that affects so many still so profoundly misunderstood?

And why – to ask a really wild question – do we just accept that so many miscarriages happen in the first place?

Part-memoir, part-scientific investigation, Life, Almost is everything I’ve learnt about miscarriage – as well as many other things I wish I’d known about fertility and pregnancy. I wrote this book to answer my own questions about this common but woefully misunderstood experience, and I sincerely hope it answers some of yours too. It documents my path to motherhood, tracing each tentative step of my fifth pregnancy – as my body becomes a creature I did not wish to spook.

Drawing on pioneering research and interviews with world-leading experts, Life, Almost is a book that I hope will change how we think about miscarriage.

Publishing on February 9th, 2023, by Transworld – and available to pre-order now.