Hey jealousy: The unbearable envy that comes with miscarriage

'Clear your diaries, get the time booked off... I’m not sure how much news this really is, but anyway, it’s April.’ With these wry words the BBC’s Simon McCoy announced the due date of the Duchess of Cambridge’s third child. April. I took a deep breath. Why did it have to be April? My baby was supposed… Continue reading Hey jealousy: The unbearable envy that comes with miscarriage

It doesn’t just go away

Today's lesson in Miscarriage 101: It doesn't just go away. What I mean by this is it's not as simple as one day you're pregnant, the next day you're not. Both physically and psychologically it’s messier than that. When I had my first miscarriage there was a line from an old episode of Sex and… Continue reading It doesn’t just go away