My name is Jennie and I have had three miscarriages. (You can read more about my story; my medical history here and here and here.) I am a health journalist by trade and the words shared here are meant to pierce the silence that so often surrounds miscarriage, fertility, and trying for a baby. Not everyone’s journey to parenthood is 2.4 straightforward, and I want to tell that side of the story. It’s complicated. And it doesn’t have a happy ending…..yet.

What else? I like cats (I have three: Saga, Birgitte and Shearer) and books (too many to count). And, for me, life is not really living without running outdoors – under the sky and preferably by the water – cake, and really good coffee. I do this living with my husband, the cats and the books in a sleepy pocket of just-outside-London.

This is our story. It is about loss – but also what we’ve found in the process.